Sunday, December 4, 2011

Hectic Monday Morning

Bonjour tout le monde qui avoir le temps pour lire mon blog!
Long time no blog, seriously.

It's Monday, office day, and I'm in coffee shop now. And didn't go to work. :D
How come? 
So, this morning, I woke up as usual, 8 o'clock. Take a shower, dressed up, breakfast, then go to the lodging house where my dad will take me to my office.
Then suddenly.. my dad said "Yona, you can go to your office with TransJakarta, cause I can't take you there, Hariri just left to his hometown for a couple of days, so I have to take care of this lodging house" FYI, Hariri is the lodging house's janitor, I used to go to the office with him too, that's why.
Quoi?? It was 8.30 am and it's too late! I wonder why he didn't tell me a night before today, I could woke up earlier then. Mad? definitely YES! 

Then I took a bus to go to Blok M, and it takes 1 hour. MERDEEE! Gotta be patient with this kind of situation. I texted my boss first before I went there, in case she wonder why I'm late.
Et voila, 1 hour passed. It was 10 am and I was in TransJakarta's shelter when I received a text from my boss..
She said "It's ok Yon, you don't have to come to the office , cause I have something to do with my mom today"



Ahhh that was such a relieve! I texted her back, to say thank you cause I was still in a hectic TransJakarta's queue. -_-
I feel bad with my parents, because I was really mad with them when I left the lodging house, PARDONNE-MOI MES PARENTS.
Then I thought, ah I'm already here, it could be good if I take a walk around the city first before I go home. Window shopping? *smirk* ho ho ho.

So, here I am. Sipping a not-so-good-coffee-because-this-is-not-Starbucks-coffee in fX Senayan.
Ready for lunch and have a look or (maybe) je vais acheter quelque chose ici.

Here's the song that cured my bad mood this morning, ( maybe ) it could help yours too.


Have a good day everyone! Bon journée tout le monde!
Je vous aime. Ciao


Monday, May 16, 2011

Talkin' about the future.

Bonjour! As I said last night , I will post my short movie about what will I be in the next 5 years. 
And here it is! 


Enjoy,  Thanks for watching!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

What a Week

Hi there! Wow good things and bad things have happened this week! Eventhough I know that things always happen everyday. But this week was memorable for me.
First. I have defeat my fear of things that I wrote on the last post. \(˘˘\)
It's like a fear when you will play trapeze at a height of 10 meters and do the legs up, it was such a relief, hehe. Argh the internet is so lame, I can't even upload my pictures doing the legs up!

Then it comes at the time when I really really miss my old sister who passed away last July 2010. I miss everything about her.  You really feel lost when the things that actually you love wasn't exist anymore. I even pray to get one last opportunity to meet her and say sorry for being a bad lil' sister. Sary I miss youuuuuu!

Last Wednesday it was only me and my twin sister in the French class! haha seems everybody kinda busy that day. But it's good because instead of talking about the last lesson from our French book, we're talking about where to find and buy a cheap Batik around Jakarta with our Professeur! Where to find it? Come to Blok M in South Jakarta and you can buy lots of nice and cheap Batik there. :D

Thursday. Here comes the best part! I'm officially not a year-one girl anymoooore! Yeap, Thursday afternoon my dad told me that he will go to Fatmawati to fix my old phone. Which actually I don't want to use that anymore since it was too damn 'unuseable'. And when he came back, he was like " Here's your old phone, I just buy the new battery and don't even try to throw your phone to the wall again!" . And he gave me a brand new phone that I craved for a long time. Well, I used to throw my old phone whenever I'm getting mad with something. So it gives me a life lesson thou. Thanks Mom and Dad! I owe them a lot . :)

Woohoo, thank God it's friday! Then I realise it's friday the 13th. Hmm, nothing happen until I came home at 8 pm and I found that the electricity around my house is being shut down because of a thunder! And it last for 12 hours from 2 in the afternoon! I'm like a caveman inside my cave at night, it's too damn hot. But the good thing is when the things I've been waiting for has happened! Well, it's a lil' bit personal. The point is, you can't deny that your day will change immediately when you received an unexpected message from someone that you adore, isn't that true? Unstopable smile mode : ON !

Weekend? I don't like weekend, cause I just stay at home EVERY WEEKEND. Forever alone hahah. Weekdays rocks!

Love is all around you don't pay attention do you?

This song might represent my mood for this week. Perhaps.

Wow I almost forgot to tell you about my short movie! I've nailed it finally!
Think I will share it in the next post.
Good night everbody! Have a great Monday!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Can't Lose It

Hi there! this week will have more free time then last week, yeay!
But there's a catch, I have a bunch of homework. Argh. But that's ok, since I graduated high school and been almost 2 years without homework. And it's way more better than before.

Our college teacher told us to make a short movie about what we will be in the next 5 years. He gave us the question  which we have to answer it through a short movie.
That's sound really interesting, and when he told us we have to make it very good, my brain was immediately filled by the ideas that developed continuously! The sequence answer, the music, and bla bla bla, I even want to put some of funny gif from my Tumblr but then I realise it was silly. So last Saturday, while everybody (maybe) in Jakarta was having a grrrreat Saturday night out there, I stay at home (duh, every Saturday night!) ,bring all the ideas I have and throw it on my computer. Hmm, first 30 minutes was fine, one hour elapsed still perfect, and suddenly I looked at my watch WOW it's 1 o'clock in the morning, and I still don't know where to start! You know what it feels when you put way too much flour in your strainer then suddenly it stuck? Well, that's what happened inside my brain, hahaha. I'll do that later then, when I got 1 fine quiet day this week. :D
But I'm sure the music that will be in my short movie is Phoenix, or Tahiti 80, or Ben l'Oncle Soul.( See, I have lots of choices, which actually I have to choose one of those)

Have you ever feel like very terrified of someone until you can't even open your mouth when you meet them?  Or annoyed with someone until you really pissed off? I do. But this morning, I think I've learned something good from that. That after all, they're just a bunch of nice and innocent people sent by God to test our emotions and patience! So maybe it'll be good if we're being nice to them. Mais, c'est la vie hein? Sometimes when you're out of control, bad words is the best medicine.

Aaah I miss my playlist! I miss travelling the sounds while I'm sitting in the bus on the way to college or home. I miss being so damn bored until I turn on my playlist and it saves me.
Maybe this song , Ben l'Oncle Soul - Lose It , can represent my feeling. Well, I hope so.

Will blog again very soon! Good night all!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Finally There is Time for This

Hello everyone!! (everyone who loves to spend just 5 minutes to read my blog, haha). Last Friday The Royal Wedding has wowed almost 2,5 billion people on planet earth, and has made every girls and boys (maybe), envy by all things that happened. The prince and the princess, the wedding vow, the balcony kiss, the dress and the ambience. Things that amazed me is realise The Royal Wedding has made the whole people in the entire world, no matter in what condition, or where they are, every ages and nationalities,  single or complicated, gathered around to see what happens on that magical day. Moreover,they set a date of 29 April as a national holiday!

And when it comes to questioned what is the best song for wedding, I will answer , this:

I think it's the best love song ever.

Last Wednesday, French test! Finally after 3 times cancelled. There are 3 chapters of the test, one of them is production écrit . It's fun to use your imagination and wrote it with the new language that you've learned.
Anyway, It's been almost two weeks I'm alienating myself from the computer, from blogging actually. I just can't take my eyes off from Nat Geo Adventure. I feel like I've travel around the world in my comfy bed. I'll show you the reasons :

I know you'll like him, lol
Justin Lukach, Diego Buñuel, and the boys from Bondi Rescue had made me fall in love with their shows! Well actually I love all the shows in this channel, the different way to travel, learn a new culture and languages, and having an unexpected trip. Hmm, just like the slogan of Nat Geo Adventure, I wish I can get lost with them, hahaha.

Ouch, my back is hurt! (read: I need to go to sleep now)
See you on the next post! Have a great day!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Another Quiet Evening

Hi everyone! I slept at 2.30 last night finally, and I woke up at 6!  
Usually me and my twin sister always slept in my grandma's house when we had morning class, but last night, my twin sister decided to stay at my mom's place near my grandma's house. Anddd, she said to me "I wanted to prove whether you can get up early or not if I'm not around," . Then I made it, how? I set alarm in my cell phone to ring every 30 minutes start from 3 o'clock at night! yeay \(´`)/
I thought it would be a fun Saturday morning, until suddenly I found my cellphone is drop dead! a.k.a : I totally can't use it anymore! This is so lame, because I've just downloaded a lot of songs for my playlist! Arrrgh. I'm officially a 'year-one' girl :[ .But that fiery feeling has gone now, it will not affect me ,my twin sister offer me to share her playlist anyway. That's a cool thing from the twins!
Perhaps the unfortunate thing is I can't listen to my newest favorite song in her playlist! Well, it's an old song actually, and if somebody asked me why I like soul music now, please blame Ben L'oncle Soul ,lol, kidding.

Sweet Soul Music, that's the best!

As long as I listen to the vocalist, it reminds me of this surfer with a great voice from American Idol year 10th, Carson Higgins. I think he have a similar voice with Tower of Power's vocalist. He really impressed me when he sings My Prerogative.

Breathless? haha

Hoaa my eyes is like a panda's eyes now. I'm sleepey!
Will jump to my dream land in a few minutes. Thanks for reading everyone!
Bonne Nuit! 

Friday, April 22, 2011


23.36 - Tomorrow will have English Conversation class in campus. Eyes wide open,  I can't sleep!
Hmm, it's been a while though since I was drowning in my new tumblr account about my ideas for my future life : home decorating and designing, many good places for holiday, etc (please follow :D )
Last Saturday I went to French Movie Festival in F(x) Sudirman, Jakarta. I've watched Erreur de la Banque, en Votre Faveur.
Funny yet romantic,and I think it's a smart movie,because they created a comedy movie about the world stock that still can be understood with the people who didn't really know about it. I watch this movie with my younger sister and my aunt who doesn't understand french language and they're like "Oh my God, I don't have any idea about what they're talking about, it's way too fast!", even there is an English subtitle, lol.

Actually I really want to watch L'arnacoeur, but the ticket was sold out! But on the last Monday, when I went to my French class, my teacher invited me and my classmates to watch L'arnacoeur, yeay, very unexpected! Merci Monsieur! The result? c'est parfait! Don't have much word to say about this movie because it's way too sweet for me haha.
My campus life is going pretty well this week, because of the Easter day (Happy Easter Day by the way :D ) so 3 days to sleep all day! haha , what a lazy secretary-to-be. Well, not all day.
Printemps Français 2011 is here everyone!! Can't wait to attend all the events, hopefully not clash with my secretary classes. Come and see what they have here !
Song of the day? too many songs and 1 big subject that I can't forget in my head today!
Next blog I'll post my song of the day for sure.
Happy Easter and have a great Saturday everyone!
Muchas Gracias!